"I'm a tour guide that loves to show what my beautiful Peru has to offer. I like walks, good music, good food and, obviously, a good Pisco Sour. Born and raised in Lima, I have worked in different museums of the city, as I have also traveled to Cuzco, Puno and Ancash, among others peruvian provinces where I developed a taste for history and archeology"


"I am a "limeño" that loves being a tour guide as much as playing the guitar. During my free time I like to do bike rides along the boardwalk, read a good book and develope my cooking skills preparing typical peruvian dishes. Meeting people from different cultures, and sharing with them all the knowledge I have about my beautiful country, is something I really enjoy. That is why, although touring a big city like Lima is challenging, I face it by doing my best and embracing each service as a new and rewarding experience. Come and visit Lima with me and you'll feel like home!"


"I am a limeña who loves the nature, to do birdwatching and to taste sweet Peruvian desserts. Besides dancing, being a tour guide is something that I greatly enjoy, as I consider myself passionate about my country. After working in the Tambopata jungle, where I experienced in first hand Peru’s great cultural and natural richness, now I’m in Lima, my home town, a beautiful place I feel really proud of, ready to join any traveler eager for knowledge on a walk around my city sharing the best anecdotes and stories of the City of Kings."


“Being a tour guide is more than a job for me. I enjoy sharing stories and anecdotes of the city where I was born, but most of all, I like making my guests feel at home and that they greatly enjoy every minute they are here. That is why doing a tour with me is like spending a day with a friend who will show you the best that my country has to offer: architecture, history, nature and a world renowned cuisine."


"For me being "Limeña" is synonymous of luck because growing in such a beautiful city has given me the opportunity to learn everything in one place. Since I was a child I began my passion for history and culture. Therefore, I decided to be official tour guide, job that I have performed for 7 years. I love music, to dance and read but what I like the most is that my job allows me to show in different ways the richness of my city, Lima. Come with me to discover it and we’ll enjoy a wonderful adventure together."


"I was born in the Callao Province, but lived in Lima, the Capital, almost of my life. I decided to be a tour guide because I feel so proud of my culture and my country that I wanted to let people know about it. I have been working in tourism for 7 years, guiding in museums and showing Lima, trying not only to teach about my culture but making visitors part of it"