About Us


Who we Are & What we Do

We are a friendly local tour operator, ready to provide the best private tailor-made tours, reliable transportation and design the perfect Peru trip itinerary for you.

Discover, in a unique manner, the way of thinking, living and having fun of Peruvians! Our tour experiences are leaded by our friendly, professional, passionate and knowledgeable “Local Friends”, who will share with you not only the must-see attractions, but also locals’ favorite spots, their expertise and personal insight on our culture and daily life in 5 Peruvian cities: Lima, Ica, Cusco, Puno and Arequipa.

Take your pick from the wide range of tours we have: From a fun walking tour using local bus transportation, to a customized city tour in private vehicle, including special excursions like layovers, shore tours and more. Or let’s plan together a personalized and flexible trip itinerary, according to your interests and making the most of your time.

Spend a memorable time in Peru with us!

Peruvian Local Friend, more than history and sights, great travel memories with “Local Friends”!

Firma S y A

Our Story

We started this wonderful adventure on March 2011. We were Tourism and Hospitality graduates, had just come back from a one-year thriving working experience in US and were starting to build our career in Peru when, after a friend’s visit from abroad in which we successfully guided him around Lima showing him only-locals spots, we discovered there’s no better guide in a city than a “Local Friend” and thought it would be great to share the same kind of experience with other visitors. That’s when the concept of “Peruvian Local Friend” was born.

Nine years have passed, after the decision to risk it on a small business following our intense desire of showing the best of the local culture to travelers, and now we have a great team of passionate, professional, friendly and knowledgeable local guides and operate private trips, tours and transfers in 5 of the most beautiful Peruvian cities.